Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dengue Dreams

One of the weirdest things about Caracas is the fact that you can still get Dengue from white footed mosquitoes (I thought mosquitoes just had long dainty legs but apparently there’s feet too).

Matt and I laughed about this idea as we hiked el Avila: Hah, who gets Dengue, am I right? Isn’t that prehistoric or something?

Then he called me a week later and said he had Dengue. I knew he was joking, so of course I laughed. Then he said he was at the hospital and his voice cracked. Matt’s not that good of an actor.

We learned Dengue is not so prehistoric when your temperature goes to 106˚ and you have to eat smelly chicken’s feet soup while doing nothing but lying around for six days. A dainty mosquito did all that to a grown man, one thousand times its size! Pobre Matt.
Now, every time I get bit by a mosquito in Caracas, I say a little swear and check out its feet.

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