Wednesday, February 13, 2008

hablo venezolano

My favorite Venezuelan-ism is a word they plucked from us gringos: Full. They abuse it to no end:

For example:
Estoy demasiado full ahorita = I am FULL busy - OR - I am FULL of food.
La musica está full buena= This music is FULL good.
El centro está puro full ahorita = The mall is pure FULL now.
La vaina está full = The (insert noun) is FULL.
Había full gente= There were FULL people there (it was crowded).
Te quiero full = I love you FULL.

Venezuelans also know how to make each other feel really good through conversation. Instead of just saying “k cool” or “alright,” a more typical Venezuelan response would be:

- Magnifico
- Divino

And while they’re at it, they’re not going to refer to you as just “you”. You’re more likely to be:

- Mi princesa – my princess
- Mi amor – my love
- Mi vida – my life
- Mi querida—my darling
- Preciosa — precious

So a typical conversation might go like this:

Me: I brought chocolates for the office.
Venezolano: Divine! My precious—how wonderful! Well, I am full-busy right now but I will stop to enjoy these rich treats with you, my life!

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Gina said...

te quiero FULL mi princesa.....i had no idea that FULL was part of the venezuelan lingo!