Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sick day

I'm the worst at staying still when I am supposed to rest on a sick day. Today I only made two new things, but both were deliciosos!

Hot Lemonade: a cinnamon stick plus honey, juice from 2 lemons, 1/2 lemon sliced thin, and hot water. The hot lemon is the perfect response to a cold/sick day. And cinnamon is known for increasing both heat and hunger within the body. So that feature and plus the name Hot Lemonade makes it amazing.

Choux de bruxelles aux lardons
(Brussel sprouts with lardons and golden raisins)
Everytime I make a dish with foreign origins, I'm going to refer to it in its native tongue. The goal of the inexperienced, insecure cook is to impress people, and when you say things in another language, people really think they're being treated, even if the translation of your creation is celery. For example, "I'm making you boeuf bourguignon" sounds slightly more enticing than, "I'm making you beef burgundy." Also, I think it shows respect for the identity of the dish. Highlighting its uniqueness in this way helps me savor a feast.

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Gina said...

lovely dishes! what else is in those little brussel sprout bon-bons besides golden raisins?
I was home sick wednesday and thursday this week and i was so restless! i wanted to do so many lovely "at home" activities but i lacked the fortitude to really complete any task...returned to work today and i fear the damned kiddos poisoned me again.are you better yet?